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birthday weekend October 5, 2009

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It’s kinda cool when, due to day of the week oooorrrr non-overlapping groups of friends oooorrrr restaurant availability, your birthday celebrations stretch out over multiple days. And I hafta be honest, I’m a tad chilly now that all the warm fuzzies are kinda over. Much love and thanks to everyone that helped make #34 up there with the best.

True to Pance fashion, I only had one idea in my head that I *wanted*. And that was to make caramel apples. I’ve only been liking apples for a little over a year and it dawned on me about a month ago this meant I would now enjoy caramel apples. Eureka! Before now the mere idea of them was more like, “Why ruin perfectly good caramel by melting it all over an apple.”

Birthday highlights included (but weren’t limited to) said caramel apple making, Broadway, tapas and fizzy sangria, Blue Hill (NYers will know this is score!), champagne x lots, beautifully ominous purple calla lillies, [gluten free!] chocolate cake, at least one card that made me cry, and quite possibly one of the best NYC moments I’ve had… happening upon an impromptu jazz band in Washington Square Park under a full moon. Someone call Woody Allen.

WSP Jazz Band_1_Sepia



2 Responses to “birthday weekend”

  1. belz Says:

    thanks for letting me share in your birthday fun..
    looking forward to the next one.. even though you might not be 😉


  2. trace Says:

    how ’bout them apples. mmmmmmmmmm.

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