vaya con pance

bye phone October 22, 2009

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I went out to a nice dinner this week with 3 friends and 3 iPhones. White table cloths, $25+ entrees, a sommelier, candlelight, witty conversation and a roaring game of app envy. Sigh. Somewhere between wine refills, over the table’s warm LCD glow, my eyes actually met the waiter’s in a look of shared disdain. (His was just in a French accent.)

And believemeyou, I write this with the mostest love for all my friends under gadget attack (and most of you are). Can we enjoy a hands-free meal or drink sometime soon? I want to feel like the fact that I am really there –  a 3D walking, talking, laughing human being – is somehow more rewarding than typing on tiny keys to someone who, for whatever reason, is not there. I’m fun dammit! The iconic thumbnails, though they may provide instant trivia relief, will not – I promise – take you to a better place. There’s a Pance for that. IMG_6973


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