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grey matter October 27, 2009

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Tonight I took a Yoga class at my gym. I’m not a huge Yogi, but every now and then I enjoy a change in the ol’ exercise routine of run, spin, pilates, bike, repeat. Bring on the Down Dog. Class began with a little get-into-your-zen speech on balance. Particularly the importance of finding mental balance, of not letting thoughts go to either extreme. Ala, even the best thought, when thunked too powerfully, can be harmful. Teach your brain to embrace its [natural] shade of grey.

Good thing I’m a Libra. Balance is my, uh, birthright. I can do this.

Fast forward to a crowded subway ride home. I’m carrying a full and heavy grocery bag, my gym bag and my purse. With nary a free hand to hold on, I fall into my neighbor when the train jerks under the East River, violently cursing NYC-living in my head. Balance lost.

But down the car I spot a smiley schmoopy couple with two huge pumpkins in tow. Not one to share because more than that is a hefty haul for a train ride. Two. His/her pumpkins. This makes me feel very even. Balance found.

Clearly I’m thinking about all this way too much, negating the very point of *not* thinking about anything too much. Tomorrow it’s back to spinning. Yoga stresses me out.

Nance Beach Yoga


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