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halloweekend November 4, 2009

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The closing of October makes me sad. It makes me sad because it begins with a bang (birthday), never fails to be one of the most beautiful weather months of the year (how ’bout that foliage?!?), and then ends with a killer [pun?] holiday – magical in its ability to be fun for all ages.

This year was extra bitter sweet realizing with each day I woke up in New York, last year I was crawling out of bed somewhere brand new out west. However, a lifelong subscription to GoGoPance affords me literary do-overs. So. Yay!

Last weekend the denouement of October 2009 was commemorated with some camping (mmm steak tacos) and hiking in Pennsylvania, followed by the annual Spory Halloween Bash. Beer pong with babies, mulleted skulls, Roy G. Biv jello shots and of course a little Dance Party USA. Bonus = a bacon, egg and cheese morning.

All in all, a most excellent ‘weenie weekend had by all.

(credit to Gregg for last two pics) 🙂






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