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home sweet hokies November 22, 2009

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Reporting live from Blacksburg, Virginia. Survived an extra long trip home late Friday night/early Saturday AM, where I learned I will never trust driving behind a truck transporting cars. I will also never trust rocking chairs. But I digress.

Yesterday was superb fun times attending the last home game of the season. As per what has slowly become tradition, we swiped extra large disposable to-go coffee cups from Sheetz, heated up some apple cider and viola! Oh. And just add rum. Lil’ more. Lil’ more. One to grow on. Okay done. The perfect Traveling Toddy for tailgate hopping.

One stop was to see Cousin Tracy’s old co-worker who had had quite a few “iced teas” by the time we arrived (“iced tea” to our “coffee” I say). She was runnin’ around, laughing and tellin’ stories and having a good ol’ time, when Tracy noticed her shoe was untied. So next time she swung by us we stopped her and whispered, “Honey, your shoe’s untied.”

She looked at us. Looked down. Looked back at us. And with the most yes-I’m-dead-serious expression said, “Oh I know, [frustrated sigh] no one will tie it for me! I’ve been asking people all day!”  Hahaha. Good answer. Good freakin’ answer.

Finally captured “Enter Sandman” on my own personal video. Gives me goosebumps every time.


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