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buyer’s remorse January 26, 2010

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Purse selection is very important. A good bag, I believe, is the definition of form and function dancing together in harmony. Finding – and having the sense to buy a good bag breeds female envy everywhere. Selection is even more crucial in NYC because it not only needs to act as storage for your wallet, make-up, etc., it should also serve as a respectable front-seat-of-the-car… able to catch bottles of water, oversized mail, impulse purchases and maybe even a tupperware container or two. And a book.

I’m currently carrying a bag that I hate. But, el problemo is, you have no idea how capable a new bag will/won’t be until you’ve been able to test-drive it for at least a week, taking it along on each day’s different routine, weekends included.

I get compliments on my bag du jour, but I fight with it every time I go in for my keys or my Metro card or my compact. It’s like that pit in Star Wars, swallowing whatever it is I need. So now, I ask, how long do I have to carry it to make it paid for? How long before I can start shopping for reinforcements?


the great purge January 16, 2010

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My work had significant layoffs this week. I think numbers were upwards of 1400 and it seemed no team was spared. Everyone lost someone. The drama of the day unfolded like a movie, as those affected spiraled through the coping stages of anger, denial, tears, etc. I stayed “heads down” typing away for the most part, going through my own denial, then guilt, checklist.

A steady stream of box-toting former employees sauntered by my cube all day, on the way to the elevator. And then… there went the official company foosball table… out on a flatbed. A moment of comic relief in a tough day for sure, but pity for the now unemployed, discarded wooden soccer players. Maybe it’s not too late for them to get some World Cup work.


job hazards January 7, 2010

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I forgot how to write a letter. Now I know why. Wait, what was I talking about?

And yes, this is taped up on MY computer, so I can read it every day while I eat my lunch.


zen in ten January 5, 2010

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Dear 2010,

Can you please help me cook more and eat less? Can you help me be proactive, not reactive? Can you regularly remind me that if I smile today, smiling tomorrow will be easier? I need to look forward, not backward. Oh, and also help me not dwell on matters that are out of my hands. That really sucks and takes up too much time. I ask a lot, I know. But I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think you could deliver.