vaya con pance

buyer’s remorse January 26, 2010

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Purse selection is very important. A good bag, I believe, is the definition of form and function dancing together in harmony. Finding – and having the sense to buy a good bag breeds female envy everywhere. Selection is even more crucial in NYC because it not only needs to act as storage for your wallet, make-up, etc., it should also serve as a respectable front-seat-of-the-car… able to catch bottles of water, oversized mail, impulse purchases and maybe even a tupperware container or two. And a book.

I’m currently carrying a bag that I hate. But, el problemo is, you have no idea how capable a new bag will/won’t be until you’ve been able to test-drive it for at least a week, taking it along on each day’s different routine, weekends included.

I get compliments on my bag du jour, but I fight with it every time I go in for my keys or my Metro card or my compact. It’s like that pit in Star Wars, swallowing whatever it is I need. So now, I ask, how long do I have to carry it to make it paid for? How long before I can start shopping for reinforcements?


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