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this is my dance space March 5, 2010

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In a city logging upwards of 27,000 people per square mile, wide open spaces just don’t exist. I’ve learned to swallow this over the years (with a beer chaser) and I can’t really complain because, well, I choose to live here. HOWEVER. It would be nice if every one of us 8 million were equally aware of the space around us, or lack thereof.

I don’t expect to never have to squeeze on a subway car at rush hour, having all parts of my person violated by Timbuk2 messenger bags, the NY Times or the biggest portable coffee mugs I’ve ever seen. But if you notice extra space around you, I will expect you to promptly fill it. Yelling at you from the platform to move in further so I can fit means my day did not begin with Zen.

Similarly, the vanity counter in the locker room at my gym. There are two hair dryers on either end and open space in the middle for those, say, applying make-up or moisturizing. If you are drying, please stay in your section. Don’t blow dry in the middle and take up two stations at once. How rude.

And to the guy behind me in the Express Lane at Whole Foods who used an entire shopping cart for 5-10 items: my ass doesn’t need to bumped by your buggy each time we shuffle forward. The hairy eyeball I kept throwing you was meant to be caught.

Again, it’s all about space awareness, people. Pay attention and always act to maximize what little we have to work with. No one wants to be trapped in corner.


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