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presentation March 10, 2010

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I am a firm believer in quality presentation. People will buy pretty much anything, even dog poop, if someone had the creative wherewithal to simply make it look good. Bonus points if you also slap a higher-than-it-should-be price tag on it. We may like a good deal, but we like to think we’re buying something super special more. And what better way to trumpet “something special” than with a pretty face and the illusion of worth.

Now, I haven’t been in the market for dog poop for quite some time, but I do fancy a good cupcake. (Side note: I’m reading a book right now written by a Brit, so forgive me if I suddenly sound like I’m from London).

Granted, it’s not too hard to make a cupcake look good, but I happened upon this brilliant spot last night that sells ittybittybabysugarbites of cupcakes in flavors like “Cookie Dough” and “S’Mores.” Soooo… I bought one. Okay, three. Their lip-smacking A+ presentation landed yummy in my tummy.

The “Sucker” stamp on my forehead rubbed off around noon today.


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