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now you know March 17, 2010

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Monday I took a “ScrewYou” spinning class. (The expletive was different in reality, but for my more sensitive readers I’ve amended.) As in:

Teacher: “Crank up that resistance! Now speed race for 90 seconds! GO GO GO GO GO GO!”

Pance to self: “ScrewYou!”

Teacher: “Make that hill STEEPER!”

Pance to self: “ScrewYou!”

Afterward my legs were jello. So much so, that during Spin Goddess class this AM, a whole two days later, I could barely pedal. SG cued us to an upcoming 5-minute-long stretch of solid uphill. OK. I can do this, but you better play a damn good song to get me through.

“Poison” by Bel Biv Devoe. Sweet spinning, I love her. God bless you Spin Goddess and the stationary bike you rode in on.

There is a sales chick here at work who’s somehow related to Biv. I wonder if I should seek her out and tell her to thank her brother/uncle/dad’s 2nd cousin’s dog-walker by marriage for powering my body. If I were Biv I think I’d appreciate the sentiment. “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” Well, that’s why I’m there, Biv, that’s why I’m there.


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