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heart stoppin’ good times June 26, 2010

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You guys know I’m a spinner. I go Wednesday mornings (Spin Goddess) and Saturday mornings (the Aussie who really only sounds Australian when she says, “Make it steePAH!” Translation = crank up your resistance so it feels like you’re riding up a hill like that yodeler climbs on the “Price is Right.”). This morning’s class was an “interval” ride. This means we focus on getting our heart rates up with periods of super intense energy followed by “recovery” phases where we bring it back down to steady.

Not unlike, say, watching a World Cup soccer match. Which is what I did after spinning.

Every bar was packed. Rather, every bar with a TV was packed… with folks bunched up outside by the windows straining to catch a glimpse of the action inside. I scored a piece of wall at a super divey bar in the East Village. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I do enjoy the Big [insert sport du jour] Game scene. Cue my second interval workout for the day. Heart rate up up Up Up  UP UP UP. Aaaaaand, down down down down down. Some dude to my right had a good time yelling, “PUSH! Push Fooorward! PUUUUUUUUSH!” over and over again. If I ever go into labor I want him there.


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