vaya con pance

and there you have it… July 31, 2010

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… a month of posts. Challenge, met. Daily duties, done. And just in time to bury myself in Yosemite National Park, where there is no readily available interwebs access. Thank goodness.

If anything, this little exercise got my fingers constantly thinking. I now see things as I’d interpret them in writing. Which makes me see things differently. Though maybe I always digested life this way (I’m the keen perceptive type afterall – just ask Myers Brigg), but never with the means to spit it out legibly. It’s odd, this regurgitation of… stuff. It’s exploratory and… expository. I’m a livingbreathing example of the perfect journal entry for Freshman English 101. Check plus.

Hasta la later, readers. I will see you here again soon enough.


pacific time to go July 30, 2010

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Why am I ironing something when it’s only going to get folded and squeezed tightly into a suitcase? I know full well it’s going to need ironing again on the other side of my travel. And for that matter, why am I choosing clothes for my vacation that need ironing at all?

Vacation is meant to undo the wrinkles that stress has scrunched into your life. No need to bring them along. Maybe my clothes, and my face, will get this message. I hope to happily flatten out over the next week or so.

California, here I come. Stay tuned for namesake GoGoPance updates.


help! i’m an impulse buyer July 29, 2010

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When I was in the checkout line at Duane Reade yesterday, I noticed these new slickly-designed sick kits, if you will, clearly marketed to the hypochondriac in all of us. You may be feeling perfectly fine after you’ve picked up your shampoo and [insert] monthly prescription, but DR thinks, “WAIT, don’t you think you might be feeling BAD?! Buy me!”

Can’t wait ’til they come out with kits for mental disorders. I mean, the “I’ve cut myself” example comes pretty close. But how about, “Help! I just ate 3 chicken burritos, a bowl of medium-spicy guac and 2 fried ice creams all by myself and then threw up!” Makes me wonder what would be inside that kit. Hopefully a breath mint.


seven-heaven July 28, 2010

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Dear 7-Eleven,

I am so glad you decided to open up a location on Manhattan Avenue in my home ‘hood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Your coffee was the first I ever truly enjoyed. In fact, I believe I can attribute my coffee [addiction] appreciation all to you. This should be obvious as I’m now going on two back-to-back posts on the stuff.

My dad grew up biking to you for Coke Slurpees and Peanut M-n-Ms. I grew up biking to you for Cherry Coke Slurpees and Zero Bars. My memories run long and deep. And energetic, thanks to all the caffeine and sugar.

Anywho. Thanks for following me to New York. I’ll be sure to bike by soon and say “Hi.” Perhaps bend your ear about making a coffee-flavored Slurpee. Everyone else seems to be doing it, just with way less cool names.




club mud July 27, 2010

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On days I feel the need to treat myself, which, let’s be honest, is pretty much every day (my life is hard, OK?!?), I get my coffee from the Mud Truck, a bright orange mobile cafe that peddles coffee and branded paraphernalia out a large side window. Its permanent parking spot is right outside the Astor Place 6 Train stop. Also known as right outside my building. I was headed straight there one recent AM only to find it missing. GASP!

Did someone hijack the Mud Truck?! Did it peel away, spilling crucial coffee tools like steamers and grinders all over the place?!? Had anyone spotted a streak of speeding orange flying through the city? Anyone?

And breeeathing.

It is summer… maybe the Mud Truck has Summer Fridays?

By design it does kinda scream “pick up and go.” Maybe it decided to drive down to the Jersey Shore and meet up with all the other coffee trucks of Manhattan. Or maybe it was at a convention idling in lectures like “How to Pick the Best Corner” or “Expressing Your Espresso.” Maybe the Mud Truck’s life was hard, too, and it just needed a coffee break.

Dear Mud Truck,

Wish you were here.



Mud Truck:

Missing Mud Truck:


what makes a good restaurant great July 26, 2010

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Two separate drinks.

Two separate dinners.

Two separate plastic payment methods.

Two separate pens. Priceless.

(Floral accoutrement + wicker-y serving trays = extra credit!)


post! July 25, 2010

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Phew. Sitting here high above Astoria, Queens on an elevated N Train surfing on free wireless from some McDonald’s far below me.

Made it. I’m lovin’ it.