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saved time in a bottle July 3, 2010

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Overheard from the backseat while driving along Williamson Road in Roanoke, Virginia.

Papa Moseley: That’s where the Buch’s had their first date. Used to be the Lee Theater. (pointing at a clearly vacant-for-years shell of a building)

Momma Moseley: Where *we* had *our* first date doesn’t even exist anymore…

PM: The Jefferson.

MM: To see the “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” double feature. [sarcastically] How romantic.

PM: Mmmhmmm. Well, it was supposed to be seeing Jim Croce at the Coliseum.

MM: Yeah, but Moose couldn’t get the tickets afterall, remember?

PM: Mmmhmmm… Moose. Wasn’t long on follow-through.

Pictured: The Jefferson Theatre circa 1911.


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