vaya con pance

recalculating July 5, 2010

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I feel like folks in [ahem] my generation have way too many options. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m overwhelmed. Sometimes, shamelessly even, I wish it was several decades ago and I was relegated to my high school sweetheart, crock pot creations and typing. Or, wait, anyone see  “Secretary?” Brilliant sexism. Mmmhmm.

We’ve successfully upgraded your average, run-of-the-mill A.D.D. to The Professional Edition. Suddenly don’t like your significant other? Noooooo bigs, try some others on for size! Hate your job? Change companies… careers! Look at that over there! (Squirrel!) I think I’ll go apply for that now. The grass? Eh, maybe just a smidge greener, but oh the possibilities and all because I can. Kinda makes you wonder what college was all for.

Okay, not really.

But if we keep chasing that next-best-thing around every bend, pretty soon we’ll just make a full circle and end up right back where we started, right? Is changing paths really the only path? (How much do *I* sound like Carrie Bradshaw right now??)

Still, despite all the cool options I’m lucky to have the chance to pursue, I often wish I had no choice but to stay the course.


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