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auditory train wreck July 7, 2010

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Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed? Is your plate too full? Do thoughts of driving your car off a cliff have you down? Have you not fallen in love with yourself lately?

Whether you’re making up or breaking up, climbing into a warm bubble bath or out of a pathetic, defective marriage…

Whether the rhythmic beat of your heart reminds you of strides through the surf under a starry, starry sky or the gun shots that killed your dog and flattened Rusty Red’s two front tires back in ’89…

Whether the record-breaking humidity is like swimming in a bowl of sunshine or snuggling under the wool blanket knit by your MeeMaw before she died from that rare outbreak of Geriatric Chicken Pox…

We’ve got a song for you tonight. And it will probably be by Air Supply.

You’re listening to Delilah. Love someone toniiiight.


2 Responses to “auditory train wreck”

  1. Susan Says:

    LOL! Or maybe Dan Folgelberg.

  2. gittar Says:

    Oh lord… I’m not even in my car on a road trip and I can’t avoid her. Thanks pance… just thanks. 😛

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