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save it for later July 10, 2010

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Many moons ago Santa Claus left me a plastic Coke bottle piggy bank under the tree. It was just the type of kitschy paraphernalia sold at Spencer’s Gifts (somewhere between the Lava Lamps and the buttons with quips like “Have a Nice Day Elsewhere.”) and just the type of thing a 17-year-old Pance wanted for Christmas that year.

So over the last 15+ years in went my spare change. Somewhere around age 22 my parents asked me what I was saving for. Being my fresh-out-of-college, cozy-with-first-love, the-future’s-so-bright-I-gotta-save-change self, I buoyantly replied, “My honeymoon!”

Mmmhmm. Good one, Pance.

Flash forward a bazillion years and the now dubbed, ‘Moon Money, is stiiiilll collecting. Save for a couple years when I fished out quarters to do laundry, it’s only taken deposits. Santa Claus just keeps forgetting to bring a husband to go with it. Then again, didn’t Spencer’s go out of business?

‘Moon Money circa 1997

‘Moon Money 2010


2 Responses to “save it for later”

  1. 9nine9 Says:

    The way this economy is going, I’d have a twisted-up hanger in there trying to fish out the bill.

  2. gittar Says:

    I’d be more impressed upon seeing a picture of you carrying it to the bank. 🙂

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