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and i’m gonna be 40! July 14, 2010

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Do married people feel guilty around single people? Or is it more a responsible-for-the-greater-good thing? Lately I can’t seem to go out with anyone of the male persuasion without the marrieds in my life underwriting it with some grandiose romantic script.

Isn’t it possible to have friends of the opposite sex that you occasionally have dinner, drinks (or both) with, and *not* have it steeped in any alternate agenda? I have many friends. I have many friends that are male. And when we drink ‘n’ dine there is plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to hang out between us.

Pance: I’m going out to dinner with a friend of mine tonight. He suggested this cool new joint that makes a mean kielbasa and serves their alcohol out of large garbage cans with floating fruit called “Frat Haus.”

Any Given Friend or, ahem, Parent: Oh??? [perky tone] A cute, super sexy, single friend????

Pance: [rolling of the eyes]


One Response to “and i’m gonna be 40!”

  1. knitiot Says:

    tell me more, tell me more, like does he drive a car?

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