vaya con pance

check! July 17, 2010

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When I first arrived here in New York there was never really a question of whether or not I would ever leave, but rather a question of when. The city is a passing, transient experience. For a lot of people. My friends remind me that I declared it was just going to be for “a year or two.” Seven years later here I am, the adventure still adventuring.

However, like any good Permatourist (as I’m convinced that’s what most of us truly are – never quite at home here, but not quite a stranger either), I have a running list of “Things To Do Before I Move Away.”

Tonight I get the pleasure of crossing off one of those things:

1) Visit the NYC Public Library… the MAIN branch. The one with the lions out front that suffers cinematic destruction (along with the rest of the city) in “Day After Tomorrow.”

Well, not only did I visit, I hung out. I settled at a laptop-friendly table and did some work. Check out the unplanned reflection of a chandelier on my screen. Not gonna lie, it was kinda cool. And in fact, it was so cool, I had to move out back to Bryant Park to warm up (damn the over-blast of AC).


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