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they’re just like us July 18, 2010

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Spotted one day last week:

Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf) walking with two friends on 11th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues looking confidently trendy in late-80s attire (pretty sure I saw some sort of shorts + leggings combo). Accessory = small white fluffy dog.



Side Note: My star-spotting moment led me to IMDB (verb) Meester to see if she does, in fact, own a small white fluffy dog (confirmed, yet no one seems to know the name). In her quotes section she had the following,

“I love New York. You’re never alone, but you’re always on your own.”

Which struck me as remarkably spot-on and pretty much resulted in me yelling, “I feel the SAME WAY!” at the screen. Maybe Leighton and I will be new BFFs.


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