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recalculating pt. 2 July 20, 2010

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So I already pontificated on the fact that we have too many choices in life and are therefore never happy.

Exhibit AClick Me

But the more I talk to my friends the more I uncover the fact that most, not all, but most, are deeply unsatisfied. This goes way beyond your average “I’m Having a Bad Day” gripe. Sometimes they look at me like I’m a walkingtalking pasture of greener grass. And I have no idea what to say.

I could take the easy misery-loves-company route and agree with them for the sake of solidarity, but that seems trite. I’m pretty unsettled myself (can someone get me a new job please?!?). But if a fire-breathing dragon with halitosis held me at gunpoint and flamed, “ARE YOOOU OOOOK?” I could answer, “Yes [fortheloveofallthingsholy, brush] I am virtually OK.”

I’m just anxious and excited for what’s next. Maybe my friends don’t feel like they have a next or can’t seem to see past today’s muckity muck. Maybe that’s why they think my ass is grassier. But really, I just try to keep looking ahead, not [ahem] behind.


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