vaya con pance

the heat… July 24, 2010

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… has rendered me a slothy, unmotivated mess. So instead a brainstorming a pithy post I’m watching “Hairspray” on USA and Queen Latifa just said, “If we get any more white people in here it’s gonna be a suburb.”

I had a schmoozy work happy hour this week where I told one of our head sellers (when she asked where I’m from) that I prefer small towns or really big cities, both being distinctly individual in their own right; that suburbia, with all its chain restaurants and strip malls designed to look like small town main streets, just wasn’t for me. Blah blah blah. Not a terribly original viewpoint, yet she looked at me like I had cul-de-sacs coming out of my head.

“Really?!?” she gaped.

“Yeah.” Why is this such a weird concept?

“Well I love North Jersey.”

Oh. That’s why. Guess I won’t be getting any commission-funded gifts coming from her any time soon.

Aside from that, John Travolta as a woman is scaring me a little. I think I need to freshen my drink in order to make it to the end of this flick.


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