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club mud July 27, 2010

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On days I feel the need to treat myself, which, let’s be honest, is pretty much every day (my life is hard, OK?!?), I get my coffee from the Mud Truck, a bright orange mobile cafe that peddles coffee and branded paraphernalia out a large side window. Its permanent parking spot is right outside the Astor Place 6 Train stop. Also known as right outside my building. I was headed straight there one recent AM only to find it missing. GASP!

Did someone hijack the Mud Truck?! Did it peel away, spilling crucial coffee tools like steamers and grinders all over the place?!? Had anyone spotted a streak of speeding orange flying through the city? Anyone?

And breeeathing.

It is summer… maybe the Mud Truck has Summer Fridays?

By design it does kinda scream “pick up and go.” Maybe it decided to drive down to the Jersey Shore and meet up with all the other coffee trucks of Manhattan. Or maybe it was at a convention idling in lectures like “How to Pick the Best Corner” or “Expressing Your Espresso.” Maybe the Mud Truck’s life was hard, too, and it just needed a coffee break.

Dear Mud Truck,

Wish you were here.



Mud Truck:

Missing Mud Truck:


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