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seven-heaven July 28, 2010

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Dear 7-Eleven,

I am so glad you decided to open up a location on Manhattan Avenue in my home ‘hood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Your coffee was the first I ever truly enjoyed. In fact, I believe I can attribute my coffee [addiction] appreciation all to you. This should be obvious as I’m now going on two back-to-back posts on the stuff.

My dad grew up biking to you for Coke Slurpees and Peanut M-n-Ms. I grew up biking to you for Cherry Coke Slurpees and Zero Bars. My memories run long and deep. And energetic, thanks to all the caffeine and sugar.

Anywho. Thanks for following me to New York. I’ll be sure to bike by soon and say “Hi.” Perhaps bend your ear about making a coffee-flavored Slurpee. Everyone else seems to be doing it, just with way less cool names.




One Response to “seven-heaven”

  1. gittar Says:

    Too funny. I walked home from Barcelona Bar last Thursday and stopped in the one in Astoria to get a cherry coke slurpee to reward myself for walking 6 miles. 🙂 Being comfortably numb and hot probably contributed to the craving.

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