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help! i’m an impulse buyer July 29, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — gogopance @ 11:54 pm

When I was in the checkout line at Duane Reade yesterday, I noticed these new slickly-designed sick kits, if you will, clearly marketed to the hypochondriac in all of us. You may be feeling perfectly fine after you’ve picked up your shampoo and [insert] monthly prescription, but DR thinks, “WAIT, don’t you think you might be feeling BAD?! Buy me!”

Can’t wait ’til they come out with kits for mental disorders. I mean, the “I’ve cut myself” example comes pretty close. But how about, “Help! I just ate 3 chicken burritos, a bowl of medium-spicy guac and 2 fried ice creams all by myself and then threw up!” Makes me wonder what would be inside that kit. Hopefully a breath mint.


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