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but i’m here! i’m here! August 30, 2010

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The street I live on + surrounding streets were all marked up this weekend with “Film Production Coming Soon, Don’t Park Here” signage. I stalk these postings and generally spot them a mile away. I still love the fact that I can walk out of my front door and essentially be on movie set. Check out the name of this project (ignore the bad grammar). I wonder if I should expect to see a bunch of naked bottoms running around my neighborhood tomorrow.


message on a bottle August 23, 2010

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As I’ve said before, well-thought-out packaging and presentation is key.

In all my fancy restaurant’ing and all my trendy bar’ing… surprised I’ve never come across this before. A wine bottle wine list. Pretty cool.


doh-doh-dee-oh-doh August 20, 2010

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I wish it was still socially acceptable (expected?) to stomp into my room, slam the door and throw myself down on the bed and cry. How GREAT did that feel as a teenager?!? It’s a small step up from a child’s frenetic temper tantrum, but the flailing drama of it all felt just as good.

Burying my snotty face into shammed pillows… havin’ myself a good cry, a good pout, back when my world just consisted of four NKOTB-clad walls, a telephone, a stereo, some hairbrushes and whatever frustrated me to tears for an hour.

Why can’t growns-ups get away with this? I guess as a teenager there is a naive comfort in the fact that someone did something TO us. Whatever upset us wasn’t our fault. It was out of our control. We were victims (just ask us), prostrate to being 15 years old.

But as adults we’re [usually] in complete control of what upsets us. If someone or thing hurts us we can determine the consequences.

This reality just makes me want to cry and pout more. Not only do I not have the luxury of spare time to cry for an hour, I also don’t have a good excuse not to spend that hour fixing what’s making me want to cry to begin with.

Now I have more than four walls I actually have to pay for and if I cried into my [Proudly Sham-Free Since ’93] pillows, I’d just have to wash out the mascara stains anyway.

Sigh. Responsibility blows.


m.i.a. August 18, 2010

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I saw the Puppy Guy again tonight. There were no puppies with him.


i got friends in low places August 15, 2010

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I think I could do a whole series on my neighborhood’s sandwich boards. Nice to know I was not alone today…


the upright coast August 12, 2010

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Man is it good to be back on the East Coast. I missed you humidity! I missed you trash smell! I missed you sunless city streets! Truly people, I really kinda did. As GAWgeous as California is, it was a little too¬†something for me. On second thought, maybe it was just a little too nothing instead. All my stuff’s over here. So be it.

Today, my first day back commuting with the rest of the rats, this “Last Exorcism” movie poster caught my eye. I missed you dry sense of humor subway graffiti!

(If I was wielding the sharpee I think I would’ve gone for something like, “She coulda had a V8.” But this was just as good.)


los palm trees August 10, 2010

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On my way to happy hour yesterday:

View from happy hour yesterday: