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natural woman August 1, 2010

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First stop on California TwentyTen = Yosemite National Park.

I think what I like most about nature is not what I see, it’s what I smell and hear. Or more appropriate, what I don’t smell and hear. Woods smell so good. And nothing beats the baseline roar of a ginormous waterfall… it’s like Dolby surround sound, unplugged. This place is essentially summer camp without the counselors. Smelly iron water showers and all. I keep expecting Patrick Swayze to come around a corner and ask me to carry a watermelon. And I would darn it.

Total hiking miles logged so far = 10. More planned for tonight and for tomorrow AM before I take off for my second stop, San Francisco.

Some highlights:

Chez Pance (complete with my own personal bear-proof storage unit out front)

Trees too big for me to hug (I tired. Not pictured.)

Pance of the Mist


One Response to “natural woman”

  1. Scott Says:

    Awesome! Although I would’ve requested a bear-proof tent as well…

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