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scenes from yosemite August 4, 2010

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Some fave shots from my one full day hiking around Yosemite. At the end of which I treated myself to an extra large local brew (Mammoth Amber Ale) and pizza with pineapple, both enjoyed outside under the stars. I miss it already.

Yesterday morning I left the big mountains for the big city, San Francisco; complete with a side venture for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, quite possibly the biggest thing I miss about living in Atlanta.

Upon arrival, I took a long walk around the Marina/Presidio district. Which makes two days in a row I’ve hauled myself up strikingly steep paths. My butt muscles have never felt so… taught. Burn, baby, burn.

And forthalove of brrrrrrr. It’s cold here. As I drove in in my tank top, skirt and flip flops, I started to notice everyone on the street was wearing significantly more clothing. And scarves. Eek.

However, it’s not a cold that bites you, like New York’s. Somehow I still feel warmth within the chill. Maybe that’s just California for ya, clinging to their unwritten “We have perfect weather!” motto. The state’s like one giant Snuggie.


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