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today’s word is “biovent” September 22, 2010

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I was behind a dude in line at Whole Foods for lunch today and his backpack straps had the word “Biovent” stitched on them. The “vent” part stood out in particular to me having just vomited 5 blocks worth of work frustrations to my friend on the stroll.

I think I’m going to adopt this as a new term for when everything in your life (bio) seems to be falling apart at once, when there isn’t one thing in particular that’s broken, just a holistic feeling of frustration for how things are. To be used when you generally just want to unleash all the sucktasticness onto someone, something or some… adult beverage…

In a sentence: Let’s go get a drink, I need to biovent.

In action: When driven to extremes, may look something like Ryan Reynolds in the car


the light at the end of the… olive September 20, 2010

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When life has you shaken, make a martini.


not quite personal best September 13, 2010

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Had high hopes of going for the record during yesterday’s annual Fall Bike Tour. What started out as “Let’s do the 75 mile route this year!” quickly turned into, “Ummm, what shortcuts can we make to ensure survival?”

A few extenuating circumstances didn’t help matters: one important team member down due to food poisoning… 5 too many cocktails on Tour Eve… and a forecast for steady, chilly fall rain all day. All of which made for an irritating 6:30AM alarm.

BUT! We completed just over 60 miles, the rain stayed away except for the first 5 and the last 5 miles and we powered through hefty winds (without stopping) for a 25-mile stretch. A respectable jaunt indeed.

Skinny B and Pre-Margarita Pance = Drowned Rats


calgon! September 9, 2010

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When just one word or phrase still immediately conjures up an ad campaign or ad product YEARS LATER… that, dear readers o’ mine, is advertising brilliance.

Mikey likes it. Where’s the beef? Time to make the donuts. The best part of waking up. You deserve a break today. I feel like chicken tonight. Pizza pizza. More than meets the eye.

Too bad it’s probably the fact that I work in advertising that makes me feel like the poor frazzled mom in this commercial on a daily basis. Today has been trying. I’m gonna leave the office now and go hail a bubble.


Slippin’ Pance September 8, 2010

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I forgot a belt today.  I hate these days. This is what happens when I choose to gym in the morning, packing my outfit at like 5:15AM. That’s way too early to remember accessories. So now I will be yanking at my drawers all damn day. And constantly feeling around behind me to make sure I’m not, ahem, exposed. Thy function mighty, oh wondrous belt. I will surely miss you today. But maaaaybe I should just eat a really huge lunch! Corner Bistro anyone?


this past weekend… September 1, 2010

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… I channeled my inner Baby.