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the perfect day October 26, 2010

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I heart time spent outdoors.

I heart time spent with Skinny B.

I heart quality time spent with just one other person.

I heart Fall. (I heart Fall the most in Virginia.)

I heart leisurely enjoying yummy alcoholic beverages.

I heart experiencing something I never have before.

Last Sunday = Best Day Ever. BFF Cathy and I biked the C & O Canal Trail from Arlington, VA to Whites Ferry, MD (40 miles). Then spent the afternoon picnicking and touring wineries in Loudon County. Yes, please. And thank you. Some pictures below.


right to keep and drink arms October 20, 2010

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Living in the very Polish part of Brooklyn I have an impressive variety of vodka at my disposal at all times. And this particular liquor store usually has some pretty original window displays.

Exhibit A gives new meaning to “Let’s do a shot!”

Ba dump bump chhhhhhhhhhhh.


out of luck October 13, 2010

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This cracked me up this morning (note, it *was* pre-coffee, so it could’ve just been delirium).

Pictured: the fancy coffee machine in my office. Not “CAUTION – Hazardous Materials” or” CAUTION – Bridge Freezes Before Road” or “CAUTION – Hot Beverage” (thank you, McDonald’s)…

But rather, “CAUTION – No Coffee Will Be Coming Out of the This Machine At All Today.”

Rough road ahead indeed.


dot dot dot October 9, 2010

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Birthdays, when you are blessed to have tons of amazing people in your life, easily turn into Birthweeks…

This past week has been pretty chock full of happiness, making my official sliiiide from early-30s into mid-30s not quite so daunting. Am I old? Nah. I’ve just been turning 21 over and over again all these years. Or so it feels.¬†Pictures to come (Umm, camera owners best be sending me the evidence soon. You know who you are).

There’s something about the prefix “mid” that is more/less synonymous with an ellipsis. Midyear. Midstream. Midwest. Mid-sentence. Mid-October. There is still something else coming after mid. There is no sense of finality. There is room to improve on the before.

Soooo, I’m not done yet, people. It’s been pretty good so far, but maybe the best is yet to come…