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dot dot dot October 9, 2010

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Birthdays, when you are blessed to have tons of amazing people in your life, easily turn into Birthweeks…

This past week has been pretty chock full of happiness, making my official sliiiide from early-30s into mid-30s not quite so daunting. Am I old? Nah. I’ve just been turning 21 over and over again all these years. Or so it feels. Pictures to come (Umm, camera owners best be sending me the evidence soon. You know who you are).

There’s something about the prefix “mid” that is more/less synonymous with an ellipsis. Midyear. Midstream. Midwest. Mid-sentence. Mid-October. There is still something else coming after mid. There is no sense of finality. There is room to improve on the before.

Soooo, I’m not done yet, people. It’s been pretty good so far, but maybe the best is yet to come…


One Response to “dot dot dot”

  1. 9nine9 Says:

    Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 21! 🙂

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