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deep thoughts December 28, 2010

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Why does the first batch of pancakes always turn out fugly? Same can be applied to cookies me thinks. Perfection doesn’t happen until batch #2 or even #3. Do we need to take time to preheat our technique, too? Warm up our ladle muscles? Maybe it’s just the oven’s way of telling us it’s okay to selfishly enjoy a whole batch to ourselves (because there is no WAY we could let anyone else eat them) before it decides to produce distributable goods.


Whichever… pancakes a little too thin and shaped like Australia when eaten with valor just taste better.


nothin’ says o holy night December 24, 2010

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Quite like Christmas Eve-aritas shared with a loved one.


christmas presence December 22, 2010

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As a wee Pance it was my job to distribute the presents come Christmas morning. To prepare for this I spent the weeks prior organizing them under the tree, I spent hours of arranging all the packages until everything fit together like a puzzle. Think Tetris. And I was pretty meticulous about it, too. Think anal.

So predictably, I’ve grown into that adult who wanders around the room straightening tchotchkes. My books are stored by height. My memories are taped chronologically in scrapbooks. My photos and music are e-organized by quarter. Sooooo, why is it that I can’t seem to Tetris my *life* tchotchkes worth a damn? Why can’t my social life be orderly? Why can’t my career be at right angles?


Another one of my favorito holiday traditions was opening Advent Calendar doors year after year. The daily dose of child-size anticipation was awesome; the unknown, exhilarating.

Convincing adult self = focus on the fact that there are beautiful images and messages behind every closed door and part of the fun is not knowing what they are until you open them. Have trust. Have faith. Have hope. After you open several doors with not much behind them, you’ll eventually get to the one that really counts.

Have a most wonderful Christmas, everyone.


schmoncore December 17, 2010

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Pance Pet Peeve o’ the Day =

Going to see a band who plays a phenomenal set or two, ends on high note, saunters off stage and stands VISIBLY in the wings waiting for what has now become expected and, well, staged – the [surprisesurprise] ENCORE! They like us! They really, really like us! Shock. Awe.

Actually, I liked you way more until this scripted routine. Now I’m leaving to beat the rush for cabs.


there is only one thing… December 16, 2010

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…worth waiting in an outside line for in the frigid morning hours of a NYC winter day.

Mudtruck Coffee.

Well, and maybe Rockette’s tryouts. But let’s hope those are held in the Spring.



made for walkin’ December 9, 2010

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Ask any Gotham dweller and they will probably tell you the same thing, when you leave your house in the morning you never truly know how your day will end. Therefore, you should always dress to allot for all the different could-happens. Liiiiike impromptu invitations to happy hour or dinner (fancy or otherwise), rain, snow, wind, yoga with a girlfriend or (parents, earmuffs) sleepovers with a boyfriend…

And the most important part of outfit selection is, hands-down, the shoes. Choosing ped attire is crucial. I repeat, croooshull.

Shoes can dress you up or down, they can make walking long blocks pleasurable or miserable, they can keep you dry or, well, you’ve suddenly got soggy dogs…

For example, on the books last Tuesday night was a simple, pre-planned happy hour. So I wore fun, versatile black boots. Done. What was unplanned, however, was how much I consumed at said happy hour (on someone else’s corporate card, score). Two Hot Mulled Wines, 1 Chimay, 1/2 nasty Espresso/Guinness mixture, 1 Blood Orange Martini, 1 Cappuccino and several bites of each dessert on the menu later (“We’ll try one of each!”), I was ill.

No way was I going to pour myself into a cab just to sloth all the way home. I needed to move. I needed a digestion stroll. So off I went, walking a brisk 1.5 miles to a nearby-ish subway station. After two lengthy transfers and several flights of stairs I was home. And, scene.

Shoes that can look professional at work and appropriate for a party, shoes that can perch patiently and perhaps somewhat judgmentally while I indulge and then comfortably support a Walk of Gluttony home all adds up to damn good shoes.

But see, when I set out that morning, I had no idea what to expect for my return trip. Had I opted for my Chucks my night might’ve ended with a Miller Light and some cottage cheese.

Just sayin’, when it comes to your day, shoes wisely.