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christmas presence December 22, 2010

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As a wee Pance it was my job to distribute the presents come Christmas morning. To prepare for this I spent the weeks prior organizing them under the tree, I spent hours of arranging all the packages until everything fit together like a puzzle. Think Tetris. And I was pretty meticulous about it, too. Think anal.

So predictably, I’ve grown into that adult who wanders around the room straightening tchotchkes. My books are stored by height. My memories are taped chronologically in scrapbooks. My photos and music are e-organized by quarter. Sooooo, why is it that I can’t seem to Tetris my *life* tchotchkes worth a damn? Why can’t my social life be orderly? Why can’t my career be at right angles?


Another one of my favorito holiday traditions was opening Advent Calendar doors year after year. The daily dose of child-size anticipation was awesome; the unknown, exhilarating.

Convincing adult self = focus on the fact that there are beautiful images and messages behind every closed door and part of the fun is not knowing what they are until you open them. Have trust. Have faith. Have hope. After you open several doors with not much behind them, you’ll eventually get to the one that really counts.

Have a most wonderful Christmas, everyone.


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