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the big easy January 30, 2011

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I’m on the GoGo again this week, heading to a fellow “new” named city, New Orleans. Though song lyrics claim otherwise, I’m not traveling by train and the mileage from NYC is actually more like 1300 than 500. Details.

Unfortunately I’m going for work’s annual sales conference so it’s not for pleasure. Blah. However, for 5 days all my expenses will be covered. Score! I hope to fit in some Bourbon Street Debauchery with the colleagues I actually like before the week is up.

I’m reading a book right now that’s set in early 1920s NYC when, as explained, advertising started to sell lifestyles, not just products. Someone got a clue that if you put a glamorous dame smoking Cigarette A in an ad the perception that you could become said glamorous dame by smoking Cigarette A will result in higher revenue than if you just pictured the cigarette. Brilliance.

Now… the fact that my company isn’t doing so hot financially isn’t really a surprise to anyone. Shhhh, don’t tell. But, man, even if we are going down Titantic-style, how clever is it that they planned the sales conference in excessive New Orleans, selling the fact that our lifestyle is fine, just fine. Maybe we do know a little something about advertising after all.

Regardless, I’ve never been and I’m excited. More to come.


locks of love January 27, 2011

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After blogging about the demise of umbrellas everywhere last week, what a joy to run into this fella this morning and see what was once a casualty of weather find new life in the form of snowman hair.


r.i.p.ped to pieces January 21, 2011

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The life expectancy of a NYC umbrella is tragically short. I’ve blogged about this before.

Even though I’m pretty used to my umbrella blowing backwards on me I still always feel embarrassed when it happens. I don’t know why, really. It’s not something *I* did to make it flip inside out. I can’t control the strength of wind as it whips through the streets and I certainly can’t escape it. The very first time it happened I was mortified, scrambling to shake it back into place and glancing around to see who was staring, pointing and laughing at the new, wet New Yorker. (Similar reaction = the first time I stood too close to the street and got splashed by a speedy taxi cab. Live and learn.)

But maybe killing umbrellas is just the city’s way of keeping the UmbrellaUmbrellaUmbrella guys employed. Kinda like when trees are burned to promote new growth. The circle of life.

I am now a backwards umbrella pro. I calmly poke it in the direction of the wind and it pops right back into shape. Still, I make sure I giggle grandly or roll my eyes at myself, just in case someone is watching they’ll know I’m in complete control of the situation. Mmmhmm.

I do feel sad for the umbrellas that die before their time. And I feel even sadder for the owners who have to walk around getting wet until new ones are found. I would probably stop and stare and laugh, but I can’t see much out from under my own umbrella.


fat fir sings January 19, 2011

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I guess Christmas isn’t really over until the tree is no longer upright.


peace of my heart January 13, 2011

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So I’m reading all about Woodstock now. It’s pretty fascinating how many setbacks, drama, catastrophes, roadblocks and inclement weather the event and its production process survived.

But ya know, not once (thus far in my literary journey at least) did the biographer and festival father, Michael Lang, lose his cool. Amidst extreme pressure, adversity and never-ending coattail tugs he was stalwart. “It’s all going to be fine. Everything will work out.” (Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.) But. It did work out. And it was, as I can only read about and presume, legendary.

I’m kinda jealous of the wide open space they created for themselves during such a noisy time in history. Have idea, develop idea, execute idea. Hit a wall? Climb over, walk around or tear down. But never turn back. Or give up.

All this flower power was swirling around in my head last night (after two damntasty margaritas), when I saw this guy on the subway platform. In a crowded, noisy, rush-hour world he still managed to carve out his wide open space. Idea, realized. I was diggin’ the banjo so I gave him a dollar. At Woodstock that would’ve gotten him 4 hot dogs. And all the peace he could carry.


the java jig January 11, 2011

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Your first bite of solids. Your first step. Your first time balancing on two wheels. Your first day of school. Your first crush. Your first kiss.

Your first cup of coffee… it’s a special freakin’ moment, people.

Coffee is an acquired taste, kind of like beer I think. Because if you want to like it bad enough, you will. I, for one, drank beer WAY before coffee. (Beast Lite circa Freshman year college. It’s amazing I turned out to appreciate beer at all, really).

During my ad agency days I would go fetch Dunkin Donuts’ Munchkins with my friend Erin for our team as a Friday morning treat every week. She always got a coffee for herself while we were there and one day I probably thought out loud, “Coffee is one of those things I’ve always wanted to like, but I just don’t.”

Then she taught me how to order.

“Medium. Lotsa cream. Lotsa sugar.”

Now, anything with lotsa of the above two ingredients can’t rightly suck – except maybe beer. And, sure, I’ve downgraded over the years to “no sugar and a little skim.” But it was those first pure weeks of overindulgence that changed my mornings forever. Sometimes you have to start with it all in order to understand what is enough.

I hear her every time I witness the masses ordering coffee. Grande half caf, full fat, 3 squirts of goodness, 2 packets of powder, a little foam and a little jig in a circle yelling Caffeine! in an ancient language. To go.

I will never forget her.


you say you want a resolution January 6, 2011

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Well it’s a new year so I thought I’d kick it off with a new look. Welcome to GoGoPance two dot OH! The midnight years.

After a fairly tumultuous holiday break — where one too many snowflakes and disconcerting come-to-Jesus meetings with my parents left me feeling not-so-fresh — I decided it was time to spit shine my attitude and kick off 2011 with wink and a smile, dammit! Perk up or pack up I say!

Soooo, what better way to embrace my new found new me but with a post about how much I dislike people.

I’m a gym rat. Most of you know this. I go more days of the week than I don’t. I like it because it keeps the gears of my life greased and running. It’s not necessarily a body image thing, though I wouldn’t be female if that wasn’t admittedly part of it too. Added bonus maybe.

ANYway. The gym is horribly crowded this time of year, packed with all those %$*#&%*$ resolutes who pledged to LOSE WEIGHT GET IN SHAPE EAT BETTER this year. More power to them (they will all be gone by mid-February anyway). But I’m there. All. Year. Long. Shouldn’t I get a gold star of equipment dibs? I got booted out of my weekly spin class because I wasn’t 15 minutes early, then I had to wait in line for a treadmill for a good 10 minutes. The guy in front of me joyfully mused, “I hate running. And now I have to wait in line to do it.”

Amen, brother. Let’s go get a beer.