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you say you want a resolution January 6, 2011

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Well it’s a new year so I thought I’d kick it off with a new look. Welcome to GoGoPance two dot OH! The midnight years.

After a fairly tumultuous holiday break — where one too many snowflakes and disconcerting come-to-Jesus meetings with my parents left me feeling not-so-fresh — I decided it was time to spit shine my attitude and kick off 2011 with wink and a smile, dammit! Perk up or pack up I say!

Soooo, what better way to embrace my new found new me but with a post about how much I dislike people.

I’m a gym rat. Most of you know this. I go more days of the week than I don’t. I like it because it keeps the gears of my life greased and running. It’s not necessarily a body image thing, though I wouldn’t be female if that wasn’t admittedly part of it too. Added bonus maybe.

ANYway. The gym is horribly crowded this time of year, packed with all those %$*#&%*$ resolutes who pledged to LOSE WEIGHT GET IN SHAPE EAT BETTER this year. More power to them (they will all be gone by mid-February anyway). But I’m there. All. Year. Long. Shouldn’t I get a gold star of equipment dibs? I got booted out of my weekly spin class because I wasn’t 15 minutes early, then I had to wait in line for a treadmill for a good 10 minutes. The guy in front of me joyfully mused, “I hate running. And now I have to wait in line to do it.”

Amen, brother. Let’s go get a beer.


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