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the java jig January 11, 2011

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Your first bite of solids. Your first step. Your first time balancing on two wheels. Your first day of school. Your first crush. Your first kiss.

Your first cup of coffee… it’s a special freakin’ moment, people.

Coffee is an acquired taste, kind of like beer I think. Because if you want to like it bad enough, you will. I, for one, drank beer WAY before coffee. (Beast Lite circa Freshman year college. It’s amazing I turned out to appreciate beer at all, really).

During my ad agency days I would go fetch Dunkin Donuts’ Munchkins with my friend Erin for our team as a Friday morning treat every week. She always got a coffee for herself while we were there and one day I probably thought out loud, “Coffee is one of those things I’ve always wanted to like, but I just don’t.”

Then she taught me how to order.

“Medium. Lotsa cream. Lotsa sugar.”

Now, anything with lotsa of the above two ingredients can’t rightly suck – except maybe beer. And, sure, I’ve downgraded over the years to “no sugar and a little skim.” But it was those first pure weeks of overindulgence that changed my mornings forever. Sometimes you have to start with it all in order to understand what is enough.

I hear her every time I witness the masses ordering coffee. Grande half caf, full fat, 3 squirts of goodness, 2 packets of powder, a little foam and a little jig in a circle yelling Caffeine! in an ancient language. To go.

I will never forget her.


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