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what day is it? February 3, 2011

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So much to blog about, so little time. It feels like I’ve been here for two weeks and tonight is only the 2.5 day mark. It’s after Midnight right now (again) and I have to report to breakfast tomorrow at 6:30AM to go build a house with the Habitat for Humanity folks. The Mayor of New Orleans is supposed to show up, too. We shall see.

So, due to the fact I need some serious Zs, I will just post a video (not terribly exciting) and one pic from last night’s party – the shirts AOL gave all the bartenders and staff to wear at the House of Blues, the famed music venue that we entirely rented out (roughly 750 of us in total). They had 3 rooms of live music + roving magicians & “freaks” + food + a yummy signature drink called “Black Magic” + really cool candles that I stealthy stuffed into my purse as souvenirs. Shhhhh.

After our organized work party concluded, a hardcore group of us (at least 50 people) relocated to dancing on Bourbon Street until 2AM. Quite possibly the best night of dancing I’ve ever had. So. Much. Fun. Legend – wait for it – dary. If you talk to me any time soon, I have no voice.


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