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you’ve got a Saint February 3, 2011

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Planes started to depart Nawlins with AOLiens on board today. Summer Camp for adults is over, folks. At least that’s what if feels like. But it couldn’t rightly end without a stellar final bash last night!

This time we rented out Mardi Gras World which is – the best I could guess – where all the parade caricatures go to hibernate when it’s not Mardi Gras season. It was like being trapped in a Tim Burton movie but instead of Danny Elfman for entertainment we had an AOL’s Got Talent show complete with Reggie Bush as a celebrity judge. Pretty darn tootin’ cool I think. He had surprised us earlier in the day when he showed up at our conference as a guest speaker. Side Note: I have some seriously talented coworkers.

Bonus Fun: I got to meet Charlie Brown & make my own Masquerade Mask at the craft table. My cup overfloweth.

My flight is in the morning and there are no scheduled work activities tonight (yay!) so I’m gonna hit the French Quarter with some other leftover employees in search of a good meal and live jazz. If I stop moving I will fall over, so I just need to keep on going. Call me the Energizer Bunny. Bwok Bwok.


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