vaya con pance

boo boo March 11, 2011

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City Dweller Conundrum #532 =  I don’t have enough counter space in the kitchen to have all of my appliances out at all times. So when I need the toaster I bring out the toaster, toast some toast, then store it up again. When I need the G. Foreman… I bring it out, grill me up some yums and then re-shelve. When I make coffee… I bring out my mini 4-cup percolator, get my fix, wash it out then place it back in the cabinet above my stove.

Last night as I’m putting the Mr. Coffee away the glass carafe slips, comes a’tumblin back down and smacks me right on the bridge of my nose. Ouchy.

Now since I have a noticeable facial abrasion – mooole – I feel compelled to call special attention to it – moooooole – because people will be staring at it ANYway – mmmmooooole – so all day I’ve started every face time conversation with:

“HI! [point to nose] My coffee pot attacked me last night.” Mooooooooley moley moley moley.


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