vaya con pance

long live the 70s March 18, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — gogopance @ 11:10 am

Glory, glory hallelujah! Today’s temperatures will bust through the 40s… the 50s… the 60s… my-oh-my how much higher you ask? It’s only mid March! Aren’t we due for one of those blizzards that smack you on the ass as you’re running toward spring? Today’s forecast is calling for a high of 73. Sweet birds-a-chirpin’ thank you.

So what does that mean to girl who still has to be chained to a window-less corporate cube for 8+ hours today? It means… I commuted to work by bike. The first ride of the season. Bugs, teeth. Wind, hair. Pedal and metal and all that stuff. Dust off Skinny B and gogoPance. And damn did it feel good to watch the subway squeak by me on the left. Trapped suckas.


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