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i’m scared of my tv March 29, 2011

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My embarrassingly unnecessary, shamefully indulgent technology purchase arrived last Saturday. A 40″ LED Flat Screen TV (1080p, 120Hz, lions, tigers, bears). I gave the delivery guy a wink (and a tip) to bring it up to my apartment, not wanting to risk the drag-it-up-the-stairs method I usually employ. I bought it because I really only turn on TV to watch movies, so this is my attempt to bring that theater feel to me.

Sigh. I know. Still ridiculous.

I imagine it might be like what first-time parents go through when they bring the baby home from the hospital = prop it up in the living room and gawk at it with a combination of fascination and fear, all the while thinking, “Now what? Now what? Now what?”

The people are so big. And… big. They look at me like they’re gonna pop out of the screen and join my life. Should I start having an extra bottle of wine handy at all times?

I watched it for a while this weekend while I piddled. But when I found myself in a trance-like stare every time I passed by, I knew it was time to turn it off… before I was irreversibly possessed by The Big People.

I texted my friend,

“YAY! New TV!”

“Awesome! What are you watching?”

“Watching? Noooo. I’m reading my book.”

(TV Lady says, “I’ll have some Pinot Noir. Thanks.”)


2 Responses to “i’m scared of my tv”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    gotta love the tv ads on this post. Can you blog about russian mail order brides, please?

  2. gogopance Says:

    make them go away 😦 GGP is not for sale.

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