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and another thing March 30, 2011

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Regarding the TV – a.k.a my new small child who has started to beep at me when I push the wrong combination of buttons (parenthood is hard)…

At work I was recently reassigned the Technology content to manage and monetize (Engadget.com, etc). I think AOL has officially gone bonkers. Me? Technology? Do they not know my [flip] cell phone is from 2007? That I roll my eyes at anything with an “i” in front of it? That I want to throw all touchscreen functionality across the room because it makes my fingers feel fat?

I guess not. But when folks ask, I’m not shy (shocker):

“Technology! Can you believe that?! ME! El OH El, people! I mean, I would live naked in a cabin and eat nuts and berries for the rest of my life if I could!”

But let’s be real. As much as I cry hippie, I’m pretty much just a crunchy hypocrite. I’m always cold, so living naked just wouldn’t work. I dig nuts, but berries scare me  (“Into the Wild” anyone?). Cabins are cool, but only in the Spring or Fall and with plumbing.

So even though the TV is haunting me in an I’m-killing-the-earth sort of way, I will try to embrace it. I will make a concerted effort to turn it on again. Maybe I will just buy a DVD of woods or waterfalls or something. Forty inches of crystal clear, high definition nature. At that size I bet I can tell what berries are a no-no.


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