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this is a long one April 14, 2011

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Went to a stellar concert this week at City Winery, my new favorite NYC venue for music (wine, cheese, intimate stage, candles). I saw Colin Hay, the former lead singer of Men at Work. Veggie mite sandwich and all that. The show was AHmazing, which naturally led to a table-wide muse of the best concerts we’ve ever been to.

My picks definitely err on the side of most memorable, not so much on musically brilliant.

Huey Lewis & the News (Roanoke, 1987) – My first “real” concert (not counting The Monkees with my dad). I went with my 6th grade BFF and her family. There were no assigned seats so we lined up hours ahead of time, ate a picnic dinner of homemade fried chicken, and then RAN to seats when the doors finally opened. I got to leave school early that day… which was good because I clearly wasn’t focused on Pie-R-Squared at all.

New Kids on the Block (Roanoke, 1989) – There are few things as maniacal as Teen Pop Star Obsession. Period. I puff painted the collar and sleeves of my white Hanes t-shirt. I tried, in vain, to hysterically cry because everyone else seemed to be. I jumped up and down on my chair for hours, reaching and screaming for Joey-Joe. I’m pretty sure he heard me.

Third Summer of Lilith Fair (Atlanta, 1999) – Attended with two of my bestest friends ever (still). We had lawn tickets in an amphitheater venue and it poured rain on us. So what to do? Get sloppy drunk of course. Yet somehow we failed to factor in the reality of raging beer pee when bathroom lines (99.9% female audience) are nonnegotiable. And, well, you’re already wet, right? Soooo, yeaaaah, no pictures of this one.

Ryan Adams (Atlanta, 2003) – My first Ryan Adams show ever. He played records, told stories and got drunk on red wine, hyper actively moving from harmonica to guitar to piano. It felt like we were all just in his living room hanging out. I only knew one song when I went – New York, New York. About one month later I actually moved to New York.

eastmountainsouth (New York, 2003) – Virtually unknown male/female duo. They played a show shortly after I moved here at Fez Under Time Cafe, which doesn’t exist anymore. I really had no friends yet so I decided just to go by myself. The city was very big, scary and brand new to me. I accidentally got on an express train and zipped right by my stop.

After the show I waited to talk to Kat because she’s also from Southwest Virginia. It’s almost like she knew I was scared and homesick – she talked to me for a while about how awesome our home is and, more importantly, how awesome it was that I just moved to the greatest city in the world. I rode home,on the right train, giddy with confidence. If *she* thought NYC was cool, I would be OK.

Sadly, they disbanded after one CD.

(not my show – but you get the idea)


2 Responses to “this is a long one”

  1. Lirpa Says:

    Great memories of Lilith Fair (made me smile thinking about it)…thank God there are no pictures:)

  2. C. West Says:

    Nice to see that smile has never changed. So now I know you are being real or fake depending on what smile I get.

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