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i got the runs April 19, 2011

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Major accomplishment this weekend running my first organized 5K ever! Hoorah! This had to be done because Knitiot and I registered ourselves in the Dogfish Head Brewery’s 5K this fall in Delaware (Will Run for Beer) and I needed a) practice and b) a little self-proof that I could, in fact, do it at all. She got a taste running the Susan G. Komen 5K in Roanoke two weeks ago (GoGoKnitiot!). So I was up to bat.

GoGoPance vs. The Lincoln Tunnel – basically a back/forth trip under the Hudson River – pounding on pavement where few feet actually travel. Down right excitin’.

I was super nervous about it all weekend, not knowing whether to fear the physical challenge or the claustrophobia more. I happen to be reading a book now about the men who tunneled under France in WW1. They talk about working in deeeeep underground crawl spaces, sleeping without being able to even roll over, all with a pretty constant fear of being buried alive. Mmmhmmm. No thank you.

Alas, with visions of earth and river collapsing on my head, I did it. YAY. This time I ran for Special Olympics. Knitiot ran for boobies. Next time we run for us. For beer. For thirsty people everywhere. Best idea ever.


One Response to “i got the runs”

  1. Knitiot Says:

    B double-E double-R U N…BEERRUN!!!

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