vaya con pance

i’ll raise you a pinky April 26, 2011

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Last week I put on my grown-up hat and went to a Wine and Cheese Pairing class. Ahem. Yes, daaaahling, I would like some Camembert to go with my Tempranillo, thank you eva so kindly.

Five wines + a cleanser of Cava (mmmm bubbles) + five cheeses + baguettes does not a bad evening make. I am way more versed in beer than wine, but it’s fun to step out of your alcohol comfort zone every now and then. My beer preference wavers per season — I’m now coming off a Stout/Porter Winter and getting into a Wheat/White Spring (well, anything that comes with citrus on the rim, really, margaritas included) — but I have no idea how to schedule my wine. I’m your average “buy it because it has a cool label” type.

I didn’t really learn anything, but it was fun to hear the room get rowdier with conversation as the glasses emptied. The monger and the sommelier rained their expertise down, but I was too busy writing notes like, “Tastes like armpits” and “Pance Hearts Wine” on my sheet of paper. I didn’t want to be rude since it was a schmancy-ish place after all, so I took off my grown-up hat and hung it on the back of my chair.


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