vaya con pance

gratuitous post June 28, 2011

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I’ve started taking spinning from a studio that only offers spinning. I call it “Insane Spin.” (Insane vs. the relatively ‘normal’ spin class my gym offers).

It’s kind of insane expensive – $30/class – but they really make an experience of it. They give you your own clippy shoes. They give you bottled water, towels and a locker. They have a bowl of fruit for before/after. They have an electronic “Performance Board” that tracks how hard you’re working real-time so you can be embarrassed in front of everyone (or more motivated, whichever). They throw in a whole arms’ routine in the middle for good measure. They turn off all the lights and play awesome music. They hire hot instructors. It’s like a dance party… on a bike. And I hate it. But I love it.

I heard a rumor that the business is Tiki Barber’s brain child, but have not confirmed. But that’s neither here nor there.


The other morning I’m in class and the instructor says, “Thanks to Brett from The Biggest Loser for joining our class!!! Woooooooo!” (All spin instructors train as “Woo Girls” first).

Once I escaped past all the chicks getting their sweaty picture taken with him and asked The Google who he was, I was feelin’ pretty badass for surviving the same class as a trainer who’s on TV! Wooooo Pance!

This Just In: While searching for a pretty picture of Brett to post, I learned that he has since been fired as a Biggest Loser Trainer. Oh well. In a New York minute, everything can change.

The classroom, sans pain and agony:


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