vaya con pance

it sure is flat out here September 3, 2011

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Today = Morgantown, West Virginia (successfully put some Hokie badassness on the Mountaineer stadium) –> Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Pit Stop Highlight = A side trip through thoroughbred training farms to the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Kentucky for some honest-to-goodness Kentucky Bourbon.

It’s amazing the technology and the instaaccess we all carry in our hands now. However, when you find yourself driving hours in middle America where a speed limit of 70 is the highest speed of anything you’ll find, an actual spiral bound road atlas is suddenly kinda helpful. Even if it is from 2008.

We ended the night at a Buffalo Wild Wings watching UGA play Boise State and Oregon play LSU. YAY football season! My mom told me yesterday that “someone” once said if you flatten out West Virginia it would be the size of Texas. We’re not in Texas, but it’s so flat I think I can see it from here. If I just peek up over all the corn stalks.


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