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there’s no place like kansas September 4, 2011

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Today we just kept going. And going. And going. We left Mt. Vernon, Illinois around 8AM and just now arrived in Colby, Kanas at 9PM. Tis been a long, straight day.

Pit Stop Highlight(s): The Gateway Arch in St. Louis – officially christening our entry into the American West and Kansas City, Missouri for a BBQ lunch and a Caramel Mascarpone Pistachio gelato for dessert. Mmmm. Tastytasty. Time did not allow to stop at the World’s Largest Prairie Dog or the Oz Museum, both along our route.

The most exhausting thing about driving out here is the fact that there is zero shelter from the sun. It’s unrelenting. Driving among mountains and curves and trees you get a break from the rays every now and then. It’s called shade. Glorious shade. My eyes were stinging and my head pounding by the time it finally set over the horizon.

We’ve made such good progress thanks to 75mph speed limits and zero traffic that we’ll roll into Denver tomorrow about 6 hours ahead of schedule. This will give us much needed chill time which we will spend sampling all the neighborhood bars. Priorities.


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