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we’re here because we’re here September 6, 2011

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Last driving day = Colby, Kansas –> Denver, Colorado (Destination Success!)

Pit Stop Highlight = 21 miles of gravel road led us to the summit (used loosely) of “Mt. Sunflower,” the highest point in Kansas at 4,039 feet. Perched on private farmland, the owners have funded a small shrine and a mailbox complete with a guestbook to sign and note that requests a donation of beer. Oh those Kansans.

Pit Stop Highlight #2 = Climbing on top of a hay bale. Have *always* wanted to do that for some reason. My elbows got pretty scratched up (those things are HIGH), but I made it, dammit. Check!

We arrived in Denver mid-afternoon just in time to catch the final hours of the REI Labor Day sale (I am now the proud owner of trekking poles and a headlamp. Bring on the mountains!), but not before stopping to chug down our first beer in Colorado. A Breckenridge Agave Wheat.

Weather is gorge. We’ll see how I handle the altitude when I attempt a run tomorrow. So far, so good.


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