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you’ve got a bad altitude September 7, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — gogopance @ 12:27 pm

OK. So. Running at 5,280 feet when one is not used to it really sucks the breath right out of you. I got up early this morning to run Cheesman Park, a lovely spot near the neighborhood I’m staying in, Capitol Hill. Granted, it’s hilly, so I’m not sure if I was panting because of that or because of the altitude. But once I settled into a slower stride and concentrated on the deep breaths, I was good. Hell, I climbed a freakin’ hay bale in the middle of bumdoo Kansas. I can run in Denver.

Now I’m engaging in my favorite activity. Writing in a hippie-fied coffee shop amongst the locals. Who, by the way, love their dogs and their tattoos.


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