vaya con pance

land of beer part 2 September 9, 2011

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Yesterday I drove an hour north of Denver to Ft. Collins, Colorado to take a tour of the New Belgium Brewery – brewers of the popular Fat Tire Ale. The brewmaster was a cyclist first, an engineer second and a maker-of-tasty-beer by hobby. To his delight the public loved his product and now he’s a rich full-time beerman. That’s the life I tell ya.

The tour was 1.5 hours long and we got healthy samples of 5 of their beers. Since the company believes in FUN (they have an actual Director of Fun position), the tour ended with a trip down a two-story spiral slide – quite the experience considering everyone was drunk. [Attention Parents] I *ahem* was NOT drunk because of the whole driving thing. I only drank half of each of my 5 beers. Good Pance.

Video is our bird’s eye view of where all the magic happens. It’s the stock exchange of bottle organization. Shameel, shamozzle.


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